Business Networking The Metro Club Way

The Metro Business Club of Winnipeg was established in 1960 by a small group of local business owners wanting to expand their own networks and simply help each other.

Today members of the Metro Club represent leading local businesses that maintain the highest standards of ethical practice in the Winnipeg community. Wherever possible, we exchange information that is useful to our members regarding business development in Manitoba and directly assist them in “growing their business”.

Generally speaking, we promote close business relationships and good fellowship among our members. However, generating revenue for member firms remains our top priority.

At regular weekly meetings, members exchange leads and advise on opportunities which we can take advantage of, thereby creating value within our membership. Informative presentations, workshops and guest speakers provide additional value to our network through increased awareness of the local market and enhancement of general business knowledge.

Each member essentially increases their “sales force” by more than 60 people at no cost by becoming a member. Your marketing opportunities are enhanced further through this website, which has special offers, a profile of your business with links to your Web site, and a “members only” section containing a variety of useful business tools.

“Share leads, share success”

We support this motto by hosting weekly luncheon meetings where informal seating arrangements encourage networking and useful dialogue. Each member company holds exclusivity in the business category they represent and is encouraged to promote their business through a variety of methods, such as presentations (craft talks), Web site advertising and member bulletins.

At each meeting a member will present a “craft talk” to better inform the audience about their business. Additionally, each member is asked to give a brief summary of the week’s networking activity as it relates to other Metro members. A weekly bulletin is published to summarize this activity and highlight opportunities (leads) for each member.

Finally, promotion of our members through this Web site provides a central marketing tool for all members to create an increased internet presence. Please take the time to review our current roster on Our Network.