About Us

“Share leads, share success”

Our motto, the backbone of our organization, and the proven method of successful business growth for its member companies. The Metro Business Club of Winnipeg was established in 1960 by a small group of local business owners wanting to expand their own networks and simply help each other.

Today members of the Metro Club represent leading local businesses that maintain the highest standards in the Winnipeg community. Wherever possible, we exchange information that is useful to our members to “growing their business”.

We are a dynamic group of companies ranging in diverse fields of business. At regular weekly meetings, members exchange leads and advise on opportunities which we can take advantage of, thereby creating value within our membership. Informative presentations, workshops and guest speakers provide additional value to our network through increased awareness of the local market and enhancement of general business knowledge.

Does the Club really work?

Absolutely! Annually, there are hundreds of leads exchanged and orders placed between member firms. In 2019, there was over $2.5million in business transacted between member firms or as the result of leads shared between members.

Are there a fixed number of membership categories?

No, the Club is always looking to expand by adding additional categories in relevant areas of business.

Other than the weekly lunch meeting, are there any other time commitments?

The Metro Club holds a number of special interest workshops and social events throughout the year. Attendance at these events in encouraged, but is optional.

What is the cost to join the club?

The annual membership fee is $1540.00 including GST or $1585 if paying via credit card. This amount includes all weekly full-course lunches through the year (including taxes and gratuities), along with parking at the Fort Garry Hotel (as available), and the annual President’s Dinner formal event. There is a one-time enrolment fee for new members of $100, including GST.

Metro Club also offers a quarterly payment program (with 4 post-dated cheques) of $385.00 (May 1, Aug. 1, Nov. 1, Feb 1).

What if I can’t make a lunch session?

Member companies are expected to maintain a minimum attendance of 65%. Each member company may designate an alternate member who can attend on behalf of the primary member.

Other than the weekly lunches, is there any other form of communication with the members?

Yes, the Metro Club publishes a weekly bulletin which summarizes the lunch meeting. Also the web site contains a “members only” section which provides useful information to the member companies.

As a member, am I obligated to provide a certain number of leads and/or orders to other members?

Each member is required to be accountable for their efforts in the club. We understand that not all businesses can give or receive on a daily basis, which is why the Metro Value Points System was developed. The MVP system evaluates a variety of areas with every member to encourage success in the club.

Upcoming Speakers

the Metro Business Club of Winnipeg meet at noon, every Wednesday at the Hotel Fort Garry, 222 Broadway