Roman Zilber

CostWise Business Consulting

Over 90% of businesses in Manitoba are overpaying on their phone, Internet and cell phone bills.

CostWise saves businesses money by using its knowledge of the industry, technology, legislation and alternatives, at no cost to our clients rather than a percentage of the money we save them.

We find hidden billing errors in nearly 40% of cases,
Redundant services still paid for in over 20% of cases,
Outdated rates in over 60% of cases!

We claim thousands of dollars in credits on behalf of our clients!

There is NO direct cost. If we don't save you the money, we don’t get paid.

No strings attached! You can take one of our recommendations or you can walk away.

NO need to change providers or pull your bills out, and there is no engagement or time commitment on your side.

We are NOT intermediaries or discounters, NOR are we vendors of telecom companies. We DO NOT sell to you.

We are a professional telecom consulting company, which stays on top of the market making sure you do not pay more than you should.

We have already helped many companies pay less for their telecom services. Let us show you how much we can reduce your bill!

We would be glad to discuss this in detail with you. Please contact us today!

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